Gold Plated 90 Day Lapel Pins

The dot in the middle is you. If you keep God (the letter G) in one hand and AA (the letters AA) in the other hand, you won't have a hand to pick up a drink.

The image to the left is enlarged to show the pin's detail.

The idea and design of an AA pin was dreamed up by a New Jersey member who had 100 run off by hand and presented them to friends in the movement and to all sincere incoming members of his group. That was about 1945. Eventually, the supply ran out, but the idea of an AA pin intrigued members everywhere, and the demand for more persisted.

The design was copyrighted, and the distribution was undertaken by members of AA in good standing in their group, through the AlAnon Association (973-483-7071) located in Newark, NJ. Next, a custom was started among many groups of presenting a pin to each member as he or she achieved three months of continued sobriety. In a little ceremony, the group chairman made the presentation or the sponsor, at the start of the meeting with the admonition to "Wear It With Honor." This means, simply, that in case of a "slip" the member is honor bound to leave off wearing the pin until he or she has again achieved three months of unbroken sobriety

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